Behind My Name

Nizami Ganjavi, one of the most important Persian classic poet who I truly love, writes Khamseh. His collection Khamseh or Panj Ganj (Five Treasures) consists of five separate manuscripts in the Persian language all gathered in a single volume. These five sections are all versified in the form of long poems with rhymed couplets, or Mathnavi. Khamseh recounts the most celebrated, delicate and eldest romantic stories of the Persian language. Khamseh registered in Memory of the World in 2011.

One of the five books is The Seven Beauties (Haft Peykar) revolving around the story of Bahram Gur, a well-known Sassanid King. A king who goes on a long spiritual travel within seven days with seven beautiful women. Written at the late 12th century in Iran, The Seven Beauties contains rich Iranian culture to which Islam is highly indebted.

The Seven Beauties Poem

I choose the seven beauties because first of all it is a piece of literature related to my major. The seven beauties reminds of the seventh art which is cinema since it is filled with images. Last but not least, the seven beauties is the story of Bahram Gur travel through seven domes with seven women. The book is so rich one can take thousands ideas out of it.

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